October 2, 2019
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Grand Hacienda Has Updated Their Menu

“Truly Mexican” dishes, healthy options and more shine on the new menu at Grand Hacienda

[Saint Petersburg, Florida] – Grand Hacienda, a rapidly growing Mexican Restaurant Organization, has unveiled a new and improved menu to the people of Saint Petersburg, Florida.

The new menu is currently available at both the 4th Street Location and the Beach Location. The updated menu items will include more “Truly Mexican” dishes, additional healthy vegetable options, tortas, and molletes. A torta is a griddle-baked Mexican sandwich with a variety of fillings such as chorizo, eggs, pork, steak, chicken, Oaxaca cheese, and fresco cheese. The tortas come in Cubana, Al Pastor, Pambazo, Ahogada, Jamon y Queso, and Faji-torta.

A mollete is an open-faced sandwich that typically features refried beans, cheese, slices of jalapeño or serrano peppers. The molletes come in traditional or with avocado and can be served with beef, chicken, carnitas, and offer the addition of guacamole.

In the United States, people typically consider Mexican food to be loaded with strictly meat, beans, and cheese, however, in “Truly Mexican” cooking, vegetables are much more prominent as well as other healthy additions such as avocado and cactus.

When asked about the new menu, Claudia Johnson, one of the owners stated, “We understand that we operate in a very health-conscious community and because of that we wanted nothing more than to provide the locals with authentic Mexican options that are flavorful and are also nutritious. True Mexican food comes from the heart and is prepared with health in mind.”

The whole staff at Grand Hacienda is excited about these new additions and feel confident that they pair flawlessly with the Mexican classics, such as tacos and quesadillas, that will still remain on the menu. It is understood that many people crave healthier, lighter, and fresher vegetable ingredients and it is this desire to eat clean, tasty food that prompted the alterations.


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